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Energy released by electricity is measured in watts. In a home every appliance has an electricity rating

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Fuel emissions

How can a litre of diesel produce 2.65kg carbon dioxide?

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Reduce your Carbon

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Some multinational corporations are becoming "Sustainable", ethical and socially responsible via internally and externally, reducing their Carbon Footprint

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Installing a solar water heater at home can reduce the costs of heating water by up to 70%. Solar heating also benefits the electricity. A 150 L solar water heater means that 4.5kWh/day of electricity is not required. Over a year this means that nearly two tons less of carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere... Les meilleurs prix pour un été au frais ! Jusqu'à 2 000 € de réduction À partir du 16 juin

Traditional incandescent globes (light bulbs) should be replaced by compact fluorescent lights lamps (CFL). These use substantially less electricity and have much longer lives. CFL's only consume 20% of the electricity that an incandescent globe would use. In addition, they also last between 6 and 12 times longer than traditional globes.

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Next to the stove, the fridge is the most used appliance in any kitchen. When using the fridge remember to: • Not open the door unnecessarily. • Ensure that door seals are intact • Switch off the fridge when it is empty or you are going on holiday...

Is radioactive food from Fukushima being sent to your grocery store?

Food produced in the radioactive exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant could already be on store shelves around the world, experts have warned.

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